Created 2007 -Size 120CM X 120CM – ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

This was a specific painting for my brother, Andy.

He is an ex-soldier and now a biker.

I saw in the spirit how one day he will have a spiritual encounter that will change his life forever. 

The angels of God are attentive to  when a Christian speaks in Jesus’ authority, they eagerly desire to do battle for the Kingdom of God.

This is a meeting of two warriors.

One is kneeling, waiting for instruction to go forth and do battle! One is astounded at what he sees. Both will soon work together and defeat darkness. Strategies from heaven will be imparted. Decrees will be made.

Christians should know that there are only TWO kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. The kIngdom of Satan includes the world.

We are to take ground, we are to stand and fight and partner with the angelic realm through HIM who loves us.

We are born for such a time as this!