This is the end and also the beginning of my journey with God as a prophetic artist.

The end of a season and the beginning of a new one!

I am being honest that sharing my thoughts on a public platform is kinda scary! I have no formal training as an artist nor do I consider myself to be some kind of ‘spiritual giant’, in fact, I battle with doubts and fears. I have lived with condemnation and lack of confidence for nearly all of my life.

Until I met Jesus!

Then things began to change, and slowly but surely I have gained more and more freedom.

Then it was my ‘pleasure’ to learn that when He wants to heal you of those really deep hurts, it can sometimes be like you are re-living them, like you have gone one step forward but three steps back. This is because He needs to raise those wounds to the front of your heart and mind so it can be exposed and healed.

I have just gone through one of these times!

Have I made it yet? No, not yet, but I am on my way! 🙂

Coming out of this period of ‘healing’ He has revitalized by desire to hear from Him and paint what I see. This is the essence of prophetic art. I feel called to record my journey of how each piece is received and then created. I will be honest, I am unsure if anyone will even read these posts, it may be only me that does; but, it is not about that it is about doing what I sense Him asking me to do.

So here it is, the start of my journey. I pray it encourages, emboldens and enlivens any who read it.

Who knows maybe someone will catch the fire and begin creating their own work?