Created 2007 -100CM X 40CM – ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

I loved painting this one!

I got a sense of this being a place in the spirit that can only be accessed through the prophetic gift of God. Through revelation.

This is a Secret Place, it is a place where Our Father invites to meet with Him, with Jesus and with the holy Spirit. Psalm 91 verse 1 inspired this artwork.

It depicts Jesus who is miraculously ‘sat’ at ease on water, He is in a state of resting and waiting. He has a sword strapped to His back showing that He is ready to do battle with His enemies. The fire is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, this is whom Jesus is spending time with when talking to His Father.

They are waiting, communing with each other, eagerly anticipating when WE will meet THEM in that secret place of prayer, intimacy and prophetic insight. The place of revelation.

In the distance you can see some eagles flying towards Them. These are the ones who have pressed in to know Him, to see Him, to have their eyes opened and receive the reflation in knowledge of Him.

Someone once asked me why it was set in such a dark place? My answer was and still is: “Jesus goes to the very darkest of places, to reach the lost, the abused, and the hopeless”.

Someone just like me…