I now have three projects on the go, however, it seems that this is the one that I sense is the first that I need to complete.

The problem (or blessing 😉 ) is, that it is HUGE! Being 5 foot in height and 4 feet across, is quite a large step for me. I was hoping to ‘ease’ back into painting in a more gentle way lol.

God had other ideas.

This image is of an eagle breaking the chain of whatever is oppressing a person. The eagle will be made of fire. The background will be very dark as that is where those who are oppressed are struggling.

It is called Prophetic Warrior because eagles to me capture the idea of soaring in the Spirit and having excellent vision. When I see in my spirit who are anointed to prophecy and intercede prophetically, I see eagles!

This artwork is for my church and it will carry the power and anointing of the prophetic and I believe will it set many people free.

I have finally got the outline onto the canvas and I’m about to apply the first layer of medium that will seal it and prepare the surface. I seriously have no idea how long this will take to complete, but I do hope it is sooner rather than later because I am losing sleep, constantly painting it in my mind when I lay down at night! 😀

I will hope to share an image later for you, but it make take sometime. Because of this, my posts are going to be fewer, your prayers are always appreciated.