Original Artwork Acrylic on Canvas. Size (I think) was 100cm by 40cm.

There was a time when I offered free prophetic words via my art. This sadly had to stop due to practical reasons and have an ever-increasing family, however, this was one of the pieces I did for a fellow believer in Africa.

This tells the story of a kingly anointing which I saw was being released for him.

The sword is the Word of Truth that will be a powerful part of his ministry.

The hilt is made of fire, the purifying fire of the Living God. A purity of spirit and works would be significant in this mans life.

The pommel is a sapphire. This speaks of foundational revelation. The Rock of revelation. Jesus Christ.

The purple mantle it is laying upon speaks of royalty. A revelation of this kingship is resting with weightiness upon his shoulders should he pick up this mantle.

In the background you can see the moon reflecting HIS glory. In the clouds there is the form of an eagle, speaking of prophetic sight.

I wish I still had the email response this brother wrote back to me. This was a specific prophetic word that confirmed Gods calling upon his life and provided great faith and strength for his road ahead.

The skill of my brushwork may not be 100% but the anointing upon was and it did all the work. This was an act of worship to my King whilst I was painted it. It was a very real spiritual experience for me, as it was for the brother who received it. 🙂