Created 2005 – 100CM X 100CM – ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

In 2005 I felt called to paint prophetically yet at that time I was a very young Christian and due to quite a harsh upbringing, my imagination was non-existent. I literally struggled to picture anything ‘original’ in my mind. So being asked to do this was surprising.

I also had never really painted, oh, I had tried a couple way back when, small ones for my mum (which she loved) but to be honest, I wasn’t very good.

So, I bought a large canvas and easel. A lot of things happend in the next few weeks, but I got a picture, and this is it.

It depicts ANGELS coming down from heaven through portals and fire, drawing people up to salvation from the sea of humanity.

I painted this in our bedroom as we didn’t much room. One night Jenny awoke and literally saw a huge angel step OUT of the painting.

I may have created a heavenly portal!! 🙂

After I painted this I did not know what to call it until the Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah 64 verses 1-2.

Not my best work, but I was learning.