The Wedding Song – Psalm 45

This is the current project the Lord has me working on. It is an amazing Psalm about the Bride and the Bridegroom.

In the bible, the Bride is the Church, and the Bridegroom is Jesus.

You can read about the wedding supper of the Lamb in the book of Revelation 19:9, Jesus also eludes to this wedding as an illustration of what the Kingdom of God is like. There are prophetic glimpses of this promise throughout scripture.

Whether or not you believe the church will actually marry Jesus, the truth is that in THIS life He wants to have an intimately close relationship with you.

With that in mind, I sense the Lord has tasked me to paint this entire psalm from start to finish.

The image above is the start, it is the introduction verse, and as I thought deeply about the words, I saw this picture form in my mind. (click HERE to read)

The picture is of pink lilies all over the canvas, and out of these lilies was the hand of Jesus and in His palm were two silver rings. These rings are infused with the power of God and there is glimpses of that power emanating from them. The rings are of silver, symbolizing redemption.

This prophetic artwork signifies Jesus holding out His hand, offering that eternal intimacy, He is saying to you ‘Be Mine’.

As you can see I have just started sketching out the outline of the artwork, and wanted to show you my progress. Posting this here has given me a fresh perspective and I can see that the hand, specifically the fingers, need some more work in terms of size and perspective. 🙂

Up to now I have prepared the artboard I am going to paint on. This involves priming the surface with Gesso and then applying a layer of lacquer to seal.

Once I have finished the outline, I will then transfer it to the board to then begin the underpainting.

I will update you when I have got to this stage 🙂