DIGITALLY CREATED in 2022 – Size 120CM X 40CM

Look closely into His eyes.

This artwork reveals a glimpse of the story of a woman who was cruelly treated in John Chapter 8, being caught in the act of adultery.

She was brutally dragged into the village square and thrown down at Jesus’ feet. The men who did this demanded that Jesus judge her for what she had done. Under the Law of Moses, at that time in history, Jesus had to condemn her to death by stoning. A horrid and barbaric judgement.

As we know from the story, this did not happen, Jesus revealed such a powerful wisdom that the accusers all left. He lifted the woman up from her misery and said the most compassionate words in history.

“Neither will I condemn you”.

Please go and read the story for yourself, it will truly touch your heart.

The image that you are looking at conveys the desperation of this woman as she reaches out for a saviour. At that moment in time, the eyes of God Himself were focused entirely upon her. His heart filled with compassion and grace.

It is my prayer that as you look into His eyes, you too will experience the same freedom and forgiveness that this woman did.

His grace, His forgiveness, His mercy is NEW every day.

He loves you so very much.

May this painting be a blessing to you as it is to me.