I wanted to share this simple sketch I did last year (2022).

It is the story of the leper found in Matthew chapter 8.

We must remember that these are stories of real people from history that had suffered under an oppressive government. This individual more than many.

A leper was probably the loneliest sole there was. If ever a leper encountered people they had to keep away and shout “Unclean, unclean!” or else they would be killed by stoning or worse.

We may not have had leprosy in our lives, but we all have had injuries to our hearts, to our physical self or to our spirit. These wounds are real and raw and seeping foul things when left to fester, this is mainly because we do not how to heal them, yet these wounds are what Jesus so wants to embrace and to heal. I am on a journey of healing. We all are on a journey of healing.

The man in this story would have experienced every hellish thing known. Since contracting such a debilitating and highly contagious disease, he would never have been touched, never have been held by another human being. This man would have stunk, he would have been flea-ridden, he would have been the lowest of the low. He would have been relentlessly mocked and shunned.

Yet Jesus touched him, and more than that, I believe He HELD him close. He loved Him. He accepted HIm. He healed him.

Jesus was not afraid of sickness or disease; He destroys it. He brings life which overcomes death or sickness. He heals hearts, He restores souls to how they were before ‘life’ infected them.

No matter how far you think you have fallen Jesus will never turn you away should you want Him to be close.

May you abundantly receive His love, His power and His presence in your life more than ever before.