In my short Christian journey (20 years now this year) one of the things I have learnt is that failure is not final, and maybe, just maybe, the Lord orchestrates this failure??

Now I know that God is good, He is kind, He is loving and He is totally for us, BUT, He is The King and we are a part of His Kingdom.

Therefore, what we perceive as success is not what He requires of us at that time.

How many times have you heard from God and yet somehow it does not pan out as you thought, or it seems so incredibly hard and challenging? I know that I have experienced this many, many times and yet through most of these ‘experiences’ I have blamed myself for the so-called ‘failure’. Yet imagine will you that He needed to stretch us, to make us dig deeper so that when His calling upon us needs to shine, we are ready?

This is a very deep subject and one that I continue to struggle with, not with the principles of it, but with ‘knowing’ when it is God that is revealing something in me or that it is my own self that has caused it.

It is at these times that promises in the bible like that found in Romans 8 that “all things work together for good to those who love God…” is what we should rely on.

He is able to ensure our failures are not final, but are for our advancement.

Be encouraged that if you feel all is going wrong, it is not final, but advancement to your next level of intimacy with Him Who loves you.