I have been working away, slowly but surely, on my Psalm 45 artwork.

Then I hit a roadblock.

The desire to continue with it dried up and I thought “Oh my, what have I done now”. Lol.

Then after about a week of seeking God, last Thursday evening, I received a NEW image to paint that was definitely God.

When Jenny returned after praying with her intercession partner Ann, I told her about it. It seems that Ann had received a word from God that I would be painting a NEW picture for our church, and she saw an eagle with wings aflame.

The image I had received that evening was of an eagle that was made of supernatural fire, it was in attack mode and in its beak and claws was a huge chain that it was breaking apart!

The name of it is “Prophetic Warrior”.

Since then, the image has just been developing and solidifying in my mind, and I’m like, “Lord, please let me sleep” (hahaha).

Yesterday, two very close people offered to sow a large easel (which I do not have one) and £200 for a new canvas.

So, this is my new project for the time being, I am so looking forward to it. I will post the outline once done as normal and feedback what I feel the Lord is saying.

As for the Psalm 45 project, that, I am told, is on temporary hold and I will be back to it. 😀