Hello, I’m Gary. I’m the Artist and  Director at Grace Creations

It as been a dream of mine since I was a child to be an artist and create wonderful images, but alas I struggled to create anything at all.  My childhood was quite bleak and because of this my imagination suffered (maybe you have experienced similar – if you have, please reach out to me, I would be privileged to pray for you).

In 2003 I became a Christian and personally had several encounters with the Lord. In 2005 He opened my spiritual senses and began to teach me how to paint and started showing me images from heaven. Each piece I created was an act of worship to Him, and brought me into a deeper intimacy with the holy Spirit.

For many different reasons I stopped painting around 2010 and haven’t done much since.

Then in 2022 He began to inspire me to begin painting prophetically again and the first image He showed me is based on the woman who was ‘caught’ in the act of adultery. The piece is called “Neither Will I Condemn You”.

It has been a long journey and He has set me a task to create 26 pieces that will reveal Psalm 45, The Wedding Song.

It is my hope and desire that by the end of 2023 I will have created at least 4 of these, maybe more.

In my heart I hope that each painting touches at least one person in a very deep and meaningful way and brings closeness and comfort from the Holy Spirit. This should be the desire and goal of any prophetic artist.

Not only do I feel called to be a prophetic artist, but I also feel called to gather those who are of like-mind, so that we can encourage, and strengthen each other through Him. This may well happen years from now, who knows, but I know it is in His hands.

My prayer is that you will be blessed throughout this new year and may you know His presence more than ever before.

Love in Christ

Gary Fuller